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Buyer's Frequently asked Questions

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Q1. Can anyone attend an auction and bid?

Answer: Yes of course! We welcome a number of different buyers whether you're a trader or simply wanting a bargain you'll be able to register and bid on the day of the auction provided that you are over 18.

Q2. How do I view an auction catalogue?

Answer: The easiest way to find out about our auctions is from our West Meon website under the 'Catalogue' tab where you can download each catalogue in either PDF or Plain Text format. Alternatively you are able to purchase a catalogue on the day of the sale for £2.00.

Q3. Where can I get specific information on individual lots in a sale?

Answer: We strongly advise prospective buyers to physically inspect the lot(s) before the auction starts, and satisfy themselves regarding the condition of each lot they intend to purchase in advance of any bidding taking place. We also encourage prospective buyers to view our illustrated catalogue on line or through looking through the catalogue on the day of the sale.

Q4. How do I register for an auction?

Answer: In order to register to bid for one of our auctions, simply fill in a registration form on either our website and submit the form with your details, you can also register at our main office as well as registering on the day of the auction in our registration office. Let us know if you want to be contacted for future auctions (of course you do!) and confirm whether you are a trader or end user.

Q5. How do I bid at a live auction?

Answer: To bid, you should look at the Auctioneer and let them know that you are bidding, for example raise your registration card above your head. It's a common fear, but often misplaced that if you scratch your nose you may accidentally bid. Don't worry the Auctioneer will use common sense and call out a bidder's number to avoid any confusion that may occur.

Q7. What is an absentee bid and how do I leave absentee bids for a live auction?

Answer: If you cannot attend the auction you may leave an absentee bid which gives us written permission to try and bid on your behalf in order to obtain a lot(s) at the lowest possible price, subject to any reserve and interest from other bidders. You should always give us the maximum price you are willing to pay (please bear in mind Buyer's Premium and VAT on the hammer price).

You may leave an absentee bid by sending us an email with the lot number, description and how much you would like to place as your max absentee bid by no later than the Thursday before the auction. Alternatively, if you wish to leave an absentee bid on the day of the auction at the saleground, please fill in the printed form and return to Reception. Don't leave it too near to when the item you want to place an absentee bid on is being sold, as there may not be enough time between receiving your absentee bid and the item being sold.

Q8. Are there any additional charges when I bid on an item?

Answer: Yes, in general all auctioneers levy a Buyer's Premium on the hammer price. Ours is 12.5% (+ VAT). Lots marked with an * also attract VAT on the hammer price. Some examples to help you are as follows:

 A £100 hammer price with no VAT and a Buyer's Premium of 12.5% (+VAT) – Invoice total = £115

 A £100 hammer price with VAT and a Buyer's Premium of 12.5% (+VAT) – Invoice total = £135

Q9. How do I pay for items that I have won?

Answer: Methods of payment accepted are sterling (GBP), by way of cash or by credit/debit cards (in person and chip/pin only). A surcharge of 2.5% plus VAT will be made on credit card transactions. Because of the increased incidence of fraud, like most auction houses, we do NOT accept card payments over the phone, or remotely. The buyer must pay the whole of the purchase price including any VAT, Buyers Premium or any additional Premiums, or the remainder of the purchase price, on or before receipt of the goods purchased. Payment must be received on the day of sale.

Q10. When can I collect my items?

Answer: As soon as you have paid in full you may start loading up your items won, you may also seek the assistance of a member of staff who will tick off the items collected. Upon leaving the saleground your invoice and vehicle will be check to ensure that the correct items have been collected to ensure no ones items go missing. Goods must be collected on the day of the sale. Any lots not collected on the day of the sale may be picked up the following day however this is entirely at the buyers risk as there will be no security after the auction has finished.

Q11. How can I find out about forthcoming auctions and other events?

Answer: We have a number of ways to find out about our auctions, simply navigate using the main menu on our website and the next auction will be highlighted on our homepage or simply call our saleroom on 01730 621100.

Q12. What do I do if I want to make a complaint?

Answer: If on the day of the sale please head to our auction office and speak to a member of staff in there. If the sale has already finished and you wish to make a complaint the next or any other days following the auction please contact our Client Liaison, Jo Higlett, by telephone

01730 621100 or by email on

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