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Sale Reports.

West Meon Hut Auction, Saturday 7th July 2018

We can report that some 1200 lots changed hands at our most recent auction. Despite it being the hottest day of the year, the England football team playing in the semi-finals of the world cup, the tennis at Wimbledon and Formula 1 qualifying we still had a good turn out on the day.

Andrew Snelgar kick started the day by selling 400 lots of nursery stock. This saw Rhododendrons sell for £15, Apple trees sell for £8, a Plum tree sold for £18, Laurel bushes sold in lots of 3 made £8 per lot, the Blue Picea sold for £38, other plants in this section where Hebe’s, Hydrangea’s, Camellia’s, various shrubs, Honeysuckle climbers and a huge selection of other plants and bushes. Following this we had 50 extra lots of garden leisure, ground maintenance and home related. The Champion petrol generators sold for between £50 and £60, the portable power stations all made £30, we even had two 16ft intex swimming pools for sale. Given the weather these where a huge attraction and sold for £200 each, the wicker garden furniture set made £390 and the Sevylor kayak sold for £55.

Auction 2 saw Tom Lofts sell 300 lots of warehouse and builders sundries, timber, general miscellany and brand new tools. The magnetic duck knockdown target made £24, the kennels made £10, Aluminium platforms sold for £80 and £60, garden tools selection sold for £22, the Tennis umpires seat sold for £85, 120 lots of new tools saw prices between £10 and £40. Tom went on to sell 100 lots of mainly vintage machinery spares and ground maintenance from local farm dispersal for the late Percy Heath. This included, a selection of draw bars and stay bars, various top links, Massey Ferguson tool box, plough parts, butler head lamps, Ford radiator, Massey Ferguson wheels, Fordson starter, Vicon hay turner, various Stihl chainsaws and hedge cutters, Husqvarna chain saws and more.

As per usual Rob Snelgar began selling the machinery, spares, and livestock sundries at 11am and attracted the biggest crowd of the day. As ever there was plenty of competition for the machinery, 5 lots in and the John Deere 456 Baler sold for £1500, the PZ hay bob made £170, the soil screener sold for £300, rice horse box made £85, the Kawasaki KLF300 for spares and repair made £230, the aged but in good working order Eagle 2.5 tonne fork lift truck sold for £1,250, the Yanmar XB350DX digger sold for £1925, John Deere wafer weights made £55, the 2 indoor feed bins sold for £500 and the Alvan Blanch Roller-Grinder-Mixer sold for £110. We had two vintage horse drawn carts and they made £200 and £130. After a 5 minute break to cool down Rob went onto sell the light ground maintenance and work shop tools at the top of the field. This saw a Honda HR216 mower sell for £75, the Portas dreadnaught lather sold for £80, the Stihl TS410 disc cutter sold for £105, Mountfield M6 mower made £35, the Anvil made £135 and the tray of blacksmiths tools made £70.

At its usual time of 12.15pm Luke Duddy began selling the Vintage rural and domestic bygones which included everything from bird baths to brassware, Milk churns to post boxes, around 50 lots of statues and urns and a 15ft softwood garden table and benches. Some of the highlights include the Iron font that sold for £300, the Gothic urn on pedestal sold for £240, the 15ft softwood table made £500, Galvanised buckets made £40, the GR GPO Post box sold for £190 and the cast iron pig trough made £20.

Our next auction will be held on Saturday 29th September at the West Meon sale ground. Entries for the catalogue are now open and doesn’t close until Friday 14th September. For all entries, enquires and on site valuations contact Rob Snelgar 07966 437095 or Tom Lofts 07771 556000.

For all farm dispersal enquiries please contact Rob Snelgar on 07966 437095.

West Meon Hut Auction, Saturday 21st April 2018

Dedicated to our colleague, friend and leader Glen Snelgar (1957-2018) who sadly passed away at the end of May, Wellers of Guildford held an auction he would have been proud to be a part of.

We can report that some 1600 lots changed hands at this recent auction held at the West Meon Sale ground. As per usual the machinery auction attracted a large crowed, particularly for the interesting section of vintage machinery. Some of which needed restoration, but it all had an appeal to not just collectors of historic pieces but everyone who saw these vintage examples. Out of the 7 stationary engines in this section it was the Ruston Hornsby that took off making £185. Further down the lines with the more contemporary farming machinery we saw the Caeb MP550 mountain press mini baler make £520, the Twose 460 hedge cutter made £1450, the Western ‘Delilah’ 10ft spreader made £1850, and the Lewis Landlord 120 backhoe made £1000. This auction would not have been complete without at least one Vintage tractor; this time around we had a 66 year old refurbished Massey Ferguson that made £1000.

Auctioneer Tom Lofts sold the Warehouse and builders sundries, timber and new tools with gusto hitting his best of the day at £210.00 for a logic sand school leveller. He also sold an old electric motor driven lather for £170, a galvanised well bucket made £130, and a Rexon proline saw for £150.

Andrew Snelgar kicked off the day with our largest consignment nursery stock to date selling Laurels for £6, Peach Trees for £20, and trays of perennials for £12 to £15 per lot, and Lavender bushes for £8. He also had some larger job lots of x10 laurel hedging that made £85 per lot. Once he finished this section it wasn’t long before he started the auction of light ground maintenance, chainsaws, and workshop equipment. This included a Husqvarna 365 chainsaw for £115, a Stihl MS362C for £155, and a John Deere C52VK mower made £160.

As expected the largest company of the day gathered around for the Vintage rural and domestic bygone section which included everything from and old 2 wheeled builders cart that sold for £460 to and old apple crate full of Oxo tins that made £20. Luke Duddy was pleased to get sold 90% of the 400 lots in this auction. The major highlight being the Bronze proud stag and doe garden statue selling for £2100, other lots made: Vintage 4 wheeled horse drawn trolley made £520, vintage croquet set sold for £100, Aldershot enamel sign made £150, 8ft mill manufactured English hardwood table and benches made £700, and the 1920s Atco lawn mower made £65.

Wellers of Guildford will be holding their next Rural Auction at the West Meon Sale ground on the 7th July. Entries for the catalogue close on 22nd June. For all entries, enquires and on site valuations contact Rob Snelgar 07966 437095 or Tom Lofts 07771 556000

West Meon Hut Auction, Saturday 1st July 2017

Wellers of Guildford report that some 1500 lots changed hands at this recent Auction held at the West Meon Saleground. Entries for all sections were strong with the run of old "Hedgerow Machinery " creating significant interest from collectors and restorers alike. The largest crowd gathered around the four Vintage tractors where a 4cyl MF 35 sold for £1020.00 complete with attached brambles and a 1942 manufactured Fordson "N" water washer Tractor also made £1020.00. This Tractor needed considerable restoration and could not be described as in fine fettle but in terms of farm and social history it forged an interesting link to the past. Elsewhere the more common International B250 made £480.00 and a little Dexta made £460.00. Auctioneer Rob Snelgar was pleased that the majority of lots changed hands with prices often exceeding expectation including : Brion James 3.5 ton trailer £800.00, 1990 JCB mini excavator(non runner) £1050.00, Countax K18-50 garden Tractor £1050.00, Fleming 5' Topper £570.00, Bomford 2 mt. topper £750.00, Krone rotary rake £1550.00.

Auctioneer Tom Lofts sold the General, livestock and builders sundries with gusto hitting his best of the day £380.00 for a 15' cattle feed barrier and manger. Although late in the season Auctioneer Andrew Snelgar sold 80% of the nursery stock with foliage perennials and Standard roses ringing the bell, he also sold good runs of garden and workshop Machinery and Ex-hire shop equipment including an old Colchester lathe for £300.00, motorcycle inspection ramp £185.00, Allen chipper £120.00, Rotary mowers sold to £150.00, and a limited range of chainsaws to £120.00.

As usual the largest company of the day gathered for the Vintage Rural and Domestic Bygone section which included everything from Rustic tools to garden planters and the proverbial Belfast Kitchen sink. Auctioneer Luke Duddy was pleased to get sold 90% of the 250 lots in this section, items of interest: 13 U.S. Brass Sieves £65.00, Platform wooden cloakroom sign £85.00, Mill made plank top garden table and benches £600.00, Two Edwardian wall clocks £380.00, two Mamod model steam engines £115.00, pair of Tractor seat stools £130.00, old Pulley Blocks £60.00, Ditching tools £70.00, Galvanised water trough £160.00, Colemans Starch enamel sign £140.00, and the Victorian 4' school gate salvaged from Shottermill Infant School £170.00.

Wellers of Guildford will be holding their next Rural Auction at the West Meon Saleground on Saturday 30th September. Entries for the on line catalogue close on Thursday 14th September please contact Rob Snelgar 07966 437095, Tom Lofts 07771 556000, for all entries , enquiries and on site Valuations. For Architectural salvage and bygones , Luke Duddy 07966 437099.

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